Thursday, 5 November 2009

Location anyone?

Perhaps the main part of my video is the band scene for the first chorus, one thing i wanted to stay away from was a dark, fancy, clean, studio looking room that would ruin the rough, amature underground image i am going for.

so I have been looking at a couple of locations for the main band scene, the first location i looked at was a ally way that 30 seconds down the road from me. the ally has a tunnel thanks to the railway bridge, its rough and i mean really rough with graffiti and the poor condition of the whole ally. however thinking about the practicality of it, it looks too hard to pull off with trying to get the equipment to the location as well as hoping to not be disturbed by bypassing youths.

the second location is at my back garden. OK its not as lame as you would think because i have a small woodland area right at the back of my garden as well as as a fire bin the idea I had here is to have the band performing in front of an fire amongst all the trees. It will be filmed in the dark so I'm hoping to get some nice shots of the band in a really unique light.

I am probably going to go ahead and film the band performance scene in the back garden, but other locations include a pub, an office, bus stop and a long road.