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1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

A. Some of the videos I looked at that are similar to my chosen genre of indie/britpop, are made to inform the audience directly with breaking the 4Th wall and addressing straight to the audience instead of following a narrative or playing a live gig. the theme of the song is regret so i wanted to make an performance like a love letter and quite amateurish making a video and sending it to his lover.

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

A. The poster and digipack is dominated to a Polaroid photo frame which is a direct connection to memories which links up with the song in a sense the the song is talking about regret. I filled out all the frames with photos of the band, introducing them to the world be it their debut album, hopefully show the fun memories with the photos being some what comical. I like to think that the target audience of the band is the later teens to the mid twenties so prehaps an age range form 14- 26, the genre is indie/britpop and the target audience should be people who style themselves on the genre. i feel that the ancillary texts does suit this stereotype mainly to the fact because it looks slightly home made.

3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?

A.I have learned that the audience being my fellow class mates have enjoyed the video espcially the concept but they have made it know that they grow bored towards the end of the song, and have said it would be intresting to see loctiond in the video as well in which i fell that it goes against the concept of the video, however I tried organizing a day to shoot but unffortunatly me and the actor george couldnt get time too and we never went ahead with the suggestions.

4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

A. Youtube had a massive influence, letting me look into music videos as and when i needed to look for key conventions, or even just to listen to the song its self when i dont my I pod handy. But when the Ipod was with me with a set of speakers it helps keep track for the performer who needs to learn the lyrics fairly fast.
Because there was no special affects in the video and simple cuts i decided to use the more basic and more simple Apple I movie when editing which did give me a few problems including moving my cuts the slightest knocking a couple of frames out of sinc. this was a problem which i couldnt get round, however it is of the slightest and dosnt make to much of a difference to the final outcome.
Adobe photoshop was key to edit my photos to create my digipack, the photos have been taken from nights out and where in need of twisting to fit the theme of the digipack.

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Sunday, 28 March 2010

More on the vote!

That vote was from people on yahoo answer and i like the suggestion of extending the High Street Glory to something like High Street Glory seekers, or something around those lines.

The peoples vote

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My band are trying to decide between three new band names, help!?
My band have just started out we cant decide between the following names

1. high street network
2. high street glory
3. high street survivors

we cant decide and need your vote into which one. and for personal reasons High street must be in the name.. cheers!
6 days ago
Additional Details
we're britpop/indie band similar to the Enemy... :D cheers for the help!
6 days ago

by Bubba T. Ramone Member since:

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
I like High Street Glory
It has a good, positive ring to it, the words 'high' and 'glory' complement each other.
May I make a suggestion?
Make 'glory' a compound word, something like High Street Gloryboys

by KarlS Member since:

high street network sounds a little nerdy and glory makes you sound a bit conceded, of the three id go for high street survivors. it would help if we knew what genre of band it is though

High Street Survivors is the best, but they're all pretty lame. Sorry to say.
by Laurence Member since:

High Street Network is the best out of the three.
by andrew Member since:


by the underdog girl. Member since:

i vote high street glory

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Is Simple Silence really a good name?

As I am now looking into designing my digipack and poster I keep thinking is the name really suitable for a britpop band. I feel that 'Simple Silence' may be more of a pop band name rather that a rock band so I'm now looking at bands that may be similar such as Oasis, Blur, The Enemy, Artic monkeys, etc....

My ideas are based around the fact the band are experienced in living rough as they traveled Europe trying to make it big and how they suffered from the sad reality of dangers on the street and learned to be better people from it.

So the new name will be based around the word High street, but i cant choose between the three secondary names, they are :
-high street network
-high street glory
-high street survivors

so im now going to ask the world on their opinion as i seek advice on yahoo!answer.


Bittersweet Symphony

The Verve ~ bittersweet symphony
Uploaded by Alex-b. - Explore more music videos.

This is the video to the Verves Bittersweet Symphony whish the song has slight relevents to mine as the themes of change and regret go together well. But its the video im intrested in and how through most of the video he addresses to the audience which is what I want, however its how they done it on location is what im really intrested in and what kind of shots they used and see if theres any way i could use these methods on my selected locations that relate to the 'if i was' lyrics.

through out the video the camera is infront of lead singer Richard Ashcroft as he barges through a busy london highstreet with no care for others. but its the way how the camera move with him down the path to show these locations.

if i was to do a location video, i would want to match the lyrics with the location but try to cut the shots together to make it look like a journey with the odd cut to show the location in more detail.

So how will I match lyric to location? well i was thinking something like this:

woolwich ferry-sailor

royal artilliry woolwhich-soldier

belmarsh prison-jailor

ladbrokes (welling)- betting man

london city airport- areoplane

petrol station (welling)- rich manwaterstones(inside) writertate modern- painter


I think it would be more affective and probably more practicle to represent the lyrics through costume rather than location as for most of the places i go to i will need permisson to film not to mention finding the sutible place, but at the same time i dont know how display the change of costume.

I have decided to look at two videos in which i think i can use my ideas of location or costume; For location i am going to look at the video for Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve and for costume the video for Conerstone by The Artic Monkeys.

Visual lyric

The song lyrics are based on the idea of if the person was of a different profession other than a musician and how he would treat the woman he is in love with. the professions and life styles he describes are:
-Rich man
- If i had an aeroplane
-Betting man

So i want to try and find away to represent these lyrics clearly through the video either through costume or location.

personality change

With the change of song I think the band's image will have to change with it, the song is rather emotional to the sense that regret is the theme of the song so i think that the band will now be of a softer nature compare to the original rough, lower class type of band known before.

This also means that there publicity will be a tad different compared to previous, I still want a the band to be known for there journey together suffering the knock backs over the years of trying to make it big, but stay away from the oasis style of public feuds with other bands and between themselves.
publicity traits:
- Well known history (moved out when they were 16 to tour the world and finally make it big in mid 20's.
-Clean lifestyle after growing up in a world fueled by drugs and alcohol.
-Song will be second release showing a different side of the band after first song reached top ten with a more heavier approach.

The band will stick to the stereotypical appearance of a Britpop band such as Oasis, Blur and more recently The Enemy.

the bands target audience will be mid teens to mid twenties and to people who like the indie/britpop genre.

Monday, 18 January 2010

lyrics to if i was

If I was a sailor I would sail you out to sea Take you across the ocean, ask you to marry me Oh if I was sailor I would sail you home to me
And if I was a soldier I would march to war for you I'd face every bullet and cannonball that flew Oh if I was a soldier I would wage a war for you
And if I was a jailer I would lock you away Then I'd have the key to see you each and every day Oh if I was a jailer I would still have you today
And if I was a rich man I'd buy you flowers every day But I am a poor man so I'll pick them on the way Oh if I was a rich man I would pay to make you to stay.
I've wasted so much time Writing songs and playing on my guitar I've wasted so much love Now I wish I'd never learnt to play a note.
And if I had an aeroplane then I'd fly you away Maybe we go to rome or paris for the day Oh if I had an aeroplane then I'd whisk you away
And if I was a betting man I'd bet you love me too I'd bet everything I had for the chance to be with you Oh if I was a betting man my odds are 9-2.
I've wasted so much time Writing songs and playing on my guitar I've wasted so much love Now I wish I'd never learnt to play a note Yeah I wish I'd never learnt to play a note Oh I wish I'd never learnt to play a note.
I've wasted so much time Writing songs and playing on my guitar I've wasted so much love Oh I wish I'd never learnt to play a note.
And if I was a writer I would write the book on you I'd tell them all the stories of the things we used to do Oh if I was a writer I would write the book on you
And if I was a painter I'd paint portraits of you Hang them in the galleries like all good painter do Oh if I was a painter I'd paint potraits of you.
I've wasted so much time Writing songs and playing on my guitar I've wasted so much love Now I wish I'd never learnt to play a note Yeah I wish I'd never learnt to play a note Oh I wish I'd never learnt to play a note.

change is good

I have decided to change my idea completely now with a new song, the song is called 'if i was' by Young Rebel Set, and i think the nature of the song will allow me to be more flexable with the casting.

I have a rough idea in how to present this video but one of the main themes of the song is how the lead vocalist describes a number of lifestyles and how he would treat someone if he was like the life style he was describing.


Trying to organize a day where the whole band can get together and shoot is seeming to be ridiculously silly to get done, it seems to be my luck too that every time the band can get together heavy snow has affected our filming as the majority is outside.

with this in mind and time running short its perhaps time to consider changing my idea for the video so i don't have to rely on too many people, perhaps having to change the song?