Sunday, 28 March 2010

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My band are trying to decide between three new band names, help!?
My band have just started out we cant decide between the following names

1. high street network
2. high street glory
3. high street survivors

we cant decide and need your vote into which one. and for personal reasons High street must be in the name.. cheers!
6 days ago
Additional Details
we're britpop/indie band similar to the Enemy... :D cheers for the help!
6 days ago

by Bubba T. Ramone Member since:

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I like High Street Glory
It has a good, positive ring to it, the words 'high' and 'glory' complement each other.
May I make a suggestion?
Make 'glory' a compound word, something like High Street Gloryboys

by KarlS Member since:

high street network sounds a little nerdy and glory makes you sound a bit conceded, of the three id go for high street survivors. it would help if we knew what genre of band it is though

High Street Survivors is the best, but they're all pretty lame. Sorry to say.
by Laurence Member since:

High Street Network is the best out of the three.
by andrew Member since:


by the underdog girl. Member since:

i vote high street glory

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